It was a thrill to be part of TEDxPhiladelphia’s 2015 conference, “And Justice For All”! My talk was about how to be a more deliberate good listener  (i.e., a good listener on purpose) instead of a coincidental one (where it suddenly hits me, in an unpredictable “Eureka!” moment, that it might be a good idea to zip my lips and just listen, Ronnie, listen).

The TEDx talks haven’t been edited yet but the raw feed from the live-streamed conference is available.  To watch mine, just click the link below, scroll down to the bottom box, click on it, then slide forward to the 57-minute mark. And there I’ll be!


I’d love to hear your comments and your own tales about listening: how you listen, the reminders you use to be deliberate about it, your success stories – and your catastrophes, too, because they teach us big lessons about deliberate listening (like how NOT to do it!). It’s a lifelong process:  Practice, forgive, laugh, repeat!

Thanks for being here.